ABOUT Juan Sala Photography

Juan Sala is a Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer specialized in breathtaking landscape photography.
His passion is capturing those moments of light that only last for a few minutes, twice a day.

Juan Sala creates limited and unique edition Fine Art Prints custom sized for any location.

All of my photographs are photographed with professional cameras and high quality equipment.
Sharpness, colors and overall appearance must meet my high standards before they become available as Fine Art Prints.
The printing is done at ZEINBERG professional laboratory by experienced printers.
Each photograph is extensively test-printed and quality controlled. We guarantee a unique, high quality print.

If you have questions and would like personal assistance, please take contact with us.

Enjoy exploring this online photography gallery that showcases his Fine Art landscape photographs.


Limited & Unique edition prints

All our prints are made by ZEINBERG Photographic Laboratory.
Over the years, the name ZEINBERG has become synonymous throughout the world with prestige, excellence, and success.
Approved by the biggest names in photography, the ZEINBERG laboratory has become a major player on the market of photographic development.

Plexi Premium Finishing

Our photographs are showcased with a Plexiglas acrylic plate which covers the print.
The photograph is perfectly protected and acquires depth and better contrast, while reinforcing the intensity of the colours.
All our prints comes with its own certificate of authenticity, stamped, and installed by ZEINBERG.

A rectangular frame located on the back of the plate stiffens the structure and enables the photograph to be hung at a certain distance from the wall.
All of our products are delivered ready-to-hang, with a steel rope for quick and easy installation in your interior.



All images, photographic landscapes and limited edition prints are exclusive property and may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, transmitted, manipulated or used in any way without written permission of the photographer.

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